What if YOU were God?

“Sometimes I think I should be in a mental asylum. Then I take a good look around me at everyone else and realize I am in a mental asylum” – Unknown

Just for a moment, imagine you are God. Not the all-knowing, loving God we usually think of but as you are now, in your current, limited, and flawed human condition.

So there you are, floating in space in some imagined galaxy, billions of light years from mother Earth.

Somewhere in your sub conscious or possibly conscious mind the entire history of mankind’s existence on this planet is crystal clear.

You know all too well exactly what you have created.

The amount and types of misery inflicted on all life forms by nature and each species upon itself and all others is your creation.

Furthermore, you know all too well that human beings possess the ability and the inclination to destroy each other and will probably annihilate all life on the planet sometime in the future.

Do you really think that FREE WILL was such a good thing?

Don’t you just wish you could do it all over?

“You don’t like giving straight answers, do you?” “There ain’t that many.”  From Resurection Express by Stephen Romano

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4 Responses to What if YOU were God?

  1. Vickie says:

    So glad to see you got your comments back:) What a great question. The point that you made at the end is more than valid. We humans seem to have the capacity, and lack of common sense, to make rational decisions that help all…not just ourselves. It kind of reminds me of the quote, “You can’t fix stupid” but you also have to add on greed. Can you tell that this is a sticky point with me? Good blog!!!


    • Texas Heat says:

      Don’t know where this post came from. All of a sudden it was floating around in my brain. However, it is an interesting scenario don’t you think.


  2. harry bellerby says:

    Bob: get out of the hot sun!!!


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