New Gate

“When humor goes, there goes civilization” – Erma Bombeck

We are scheduled to take over a gate tomorrow morning. There is always a bit of apprehension involved with assuming a gate for the first time. You are not exactly sure what you are getting into. It could be an adventure or a nightmare. We have experienced both.

Good gate:

Easy access. Good, short road to the gate. Not 5 or more miles of rock, ruts, gravel, and dirt, that destroys vehicles and frays ones nerves.

Level, dry site.

A drilling rig.

No requirement to keep gate closed at all times.

Decent cell phone reception.

Super Wal-Mart within 30 miles.

Good Co man.

Clear, concise, and sensible gate instructions.

There are probably a few other considerations but I believe if these 8 are part of the equation, it will be a good gate.

Well, hold on. I forgot a few. Such as:

No snakes

No pigs

No big spiders

No mice.

No dust.

And, oh yes……………an outside temp range of 70 to 74 degrees.

So we wait and prepare for the morning. We wonder what adventure awaits us? Keeping our fingers crossed.

Think I will just chill and watch the US Open. Hope my man Phil can win it.

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.” – Unknown

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8 Responses to New Gate

  1. Here’s hoping your gate is all you wish for, though I think asking for 70-74 degrees in South Texas is pushing it a bit. LOL.


  2. Hey, Bob thanks for the blog about the batteries. It reminded us to check the water in ours and of course they needed water. Thanks again!!!!!


  3. Bruce Badger says:

    Another good one, nothing hilarious, good instructional and biographical info. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW !!!!!!!


  4. blueheron98 says:

    LOL… Oh yes, we have experienced much of this too. After three months & 8 miles down a rutted, rock-laden caliche road, we had to buy new tires on our toad. So much for money in our pockets! Here’s hoping you get a drilling rig (not fracking) on a highway with a level site and NO SNAKES!!! And no more electrical problems 🙂


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