Life with Gaby

“Always drink upstream from the herd.” Will Rogers

Gaby’s given name is Gabrielle. Gaby is just easier to pronounce. She’s a French Canadian born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada. We met in 1967 when I was a G.I. stationed at Ft. Devens, Massachusetts.

Actually, she tripped over me in a bar but that’s a whole nother story.

We’ve managed to survive 45 years of marital bliss and the path we chose finally ended at an oil drilling rig gate in South Texas.

Spend that much time with one individual and you amass some interesting tid bits.

For instance:

3 am. and Gaby’s snoring wakes me.

Poke Gaby

Gaby: What?

Bob: You were snoring like a chainsaw.

Gaby: Impossible………….I’m wide-awake.

Bob: ????????

Bob: Where are you going with those bags?

Gaby: I’m taking these clothes to Good Will.

Bob: Great idea. We have run out of room in the RV. Something comes in………something got to go.

goodwill stores

In the ensuing months, Gaby would pack up her bags with old clothes and stuff and march out the door on her weekly trips to Good Will like a front line soldier. George Patton would have been proud of her. A woman on a mission.

It wasn’t very long before I sensed that my drawers weren’t as full and my side of the closet seemed roomier.

It struck me that something was wrong when I couldn’t find one of my favorite shirts.

Gaby, have you seen my blue shirt?

I’m washing it.

Oh. OK.

I should have been more alert.

You see, I just assumed she was taking “her” old clothes to Good Will. It was several months later that I realized she was taking “MY” clothes to Good Will………………..not hers.

I’m in the process of purchasing one of those airport scanners to install at the entrance to our RV. One that would detect anything I own and set off a Tornado warning siren. Yes I am. So help me God. Don’t doubt me on this. I swear.


“You’re never too old to learn something stupid.” – Unknown

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6 Responses to Life with Gaby

  1. BRUCE BADGER says:

    short critique: funny



  2. blueheron98 says:

    I love it! I’m sure she took some of hers stuff out as well… 😳


  3. harry bellerby says:

    Would love to hear her side of the equasion.


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