A Nice Surprise

“Thanks, you don’t look so hot yourself.” – Yogi Berra after being told he looked cool.

Something nice happened to us yesterday.

It was a simple gesture. Nothing earth shattering really. Nevertheless, it touched me in a rather profound way and I have to admit I do not understand why. Possibly my expectations have lessened over the years.

North TX RV in Sherman, TX has been our choice for the maintenance of our RV since 1998. It just worked out that way. Over the years, they have always been fair and have delivered quality service. Additionally, we got to know all the employees on a personal level. That led to a lot of B.S., good-natured ribbing, and friendships.

The business was family owned. No big corporation with mind numbing rules or excessive paperwork. Clean, lean, and friendly ruled the day.

Unfortunately, the owner began to lose interest and the business suffered. Last year he sold it to RV Max, a larger company with all that entails. RV Max kept all of the old employees and added a bunch of new ones. They spruced up the place, added hundreds of rv products to the parts dept. inventory and filled the sales lot with brand new RV’s. All of these changes were good but along with them came a more formal attitude.




I noticed a subtle change in the mood. The guys just seemed a bit stiff. Not so good. Not real bad……just not so good. Ok. Change is inevitable. Life moves on.

We left the MH with them to install a new awning and a new 15,000 BTU roof A/C.

Later we returned to pick up the MH. The installations were complete and our MH was adorned with a new awning and a new A/C unit. RV Max had also done something we did not ask for or expect.

They had thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned the MH. It looked so good we almost did not recognize it. I cannot tell you how much that gesture meant to us. It was something they decided to do for us to say thanks for our business over the years.

I know it sounds corny and it probably is, but this gesture really meant a lot to me. I cannot explain it. You just had to be there.

A woman with five kids was asked if she had to do it all over again would she have five children? “Yes,” she said, “just not these five.”

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10 Responses to A Nice Surprise

  1. Judy Vaughan says:

    That was very nice of them. Are you guys back South??

            May God Bless You Judy Vaughan  


  2. Ruth says:

    What a nice gesture! Great PR too. I know camping world charges $7 a foot to wash a motor home!!!


  3. BRUCE BADGER says:

    I assume you wrote this before your tire change ???   !!!!!



  4. longdog2 says:

    Sounds like their attitude had not changed as much as you thought.


  5. Vickie says:

    That’s so nice to hear in this day and age. I love surprises that show kindness. Lucky you!!! And, now think of how many people know about them because of your blog.


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