Break Time

  “I’ve been waiting for a sign from God.”

“You’ve got to be patient.”

“I have been, but I’m running out of time.”   From the movie “Simon Birch.”

Watching the news. Something I do not usually do. However, it seems they are about to blow the 2nd suspect away. Cannot miss that moment of retribution…………so I watch.

Moving right along.

We have been working for 4 straight months now. Roughly 120 days without a break.

During that time we have replaced our water heater, the roof top refrigerator vent, and a toilet. We have yet to replace the awning destroyed by high winds.

We need a break. We shall take one.

I can always tell when a break is required.


Eyes cannot focus.


Always tired.


Dreaming of Hawaii.

Percipient nature becomes obtuse. Snapping at my lovely spouse. Bathetic attitude. Hair hurts. Blood oozing out of my ears.  So on and so forth.

This Sunday we will greet our relief and take off for the North Country for 2 weeks. Ah yes, sleeping with my wife, drinking tap water,  long nights of blissful sleep, and eating out.  Whoooppppeeeee.

“Some of us get a great ride. Most of us just wonder how it could have been better.” From the movie “Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School.”

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6 Responses to Break Time

  1. harry bellerby says:



  2. Doris Arnold says:

    Have wonderful time off Bob and Gaby! We’ll also be leaving here on Monday and heading back home to Kansas. Keep in touch!


  3. BRUCE BADGER says:

    Bob and Gabby have a great vacation. You’ve work hard for along time and now you deserve a break !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bon Voyage, Bruce



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