Small Talk

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.” Yogi Berra

Real conversations with real people.


“Blank, blank, blank”

“Your name?”

“Mark Holiday”

“Any relation to Doc?”

“Yeah…….that was my grandmother”




“Spell it please”


“Shazaaaam. Your name?”




“Variety…….that’s what I love about this job.”

“Hi Karianna. Question for you. You are the only sales person who comes in twice a week. All the others come once a week or less. Is there some reason you have to come in twice a week?”

“By calling twice a week I get more sales.”

“Really………………Wow………………..think the others will ever figure that out?”

“Nope. Hope not anyway.”

“See your smiling face in a few days girl. Have a good one.”

“Are you in the right spot?”

“Not sure.”

“Which site are you looking for?”

“blank…blank…blank site”

“Well…..this is not it and I don’t know where that site is. Did they give you directions or a map?”


“Let me see them. Well…..these directions seem to be to right here but this is not the site.”

“You need to turn around and get somewhere you can call your boss. Wish I could help you.”


“Good luck.”

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”   Aldous Huxley

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